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What is the best Burger ever in munich ?

By Traveller June 22, 2017

What is the best Burger ever in munich ?

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By Sultan Traveller June 22, 2017

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My favorite is Comso Grill - not mentioned by the "burger expert" here ;)
I've had burgers all over the U.S., and some of the best I've had were in NYC (Obviously) and actually North Carolina. Admittedly, having moved to Munich just about 7 months ago, I haven't eaten at EVERY burger spot in Munich, but Ive had burgers at most of them. And I'll just say stick to brotzeit und shweinshaxe ;).

Really though, depending on how you like your burgers (traditional or more modern), there are several options. For a classic diner burger with no frills, but high quality meat, I'd recommend Jones' in Maxvorstadt. Otherwise, I've tried Burger House, Ruff's Burger, Hamburgerei, Burger und Bier, and Schnelle Liebe.

A common theme in burger places here (at least according to my experience) is that they afraid to make burgers rare. And I like my burgers rare. Basically just seared. A very unfortunate thread here in Munich. I asked for rare at all of the above places, and the only places that even made it a tiny bit remotely pink were Ruff's and Burger House. Between those two, I felt that Burger House had slightly better quality meat.

So in summary, 1. Stick to local food (its delicious and if you're a traveler, you have a lot of choices and probably won't even be able to cycle through them all in your time here). 2. If you really want a burger and don't mind it well done, I'd recommend Burger House as a slight win over the others.
Local June 22, 2017