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Where to go and what to do?

By Traveller August 10, 2017

Where to go and what to do?

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By Branden Traveller August 10, 2017

So myself and 2 buddies are heading to Munich for Oktoberfest from Canada, mid/late September to early October. We're interested in doing some touristy things but our main focus will be to meet new people and drink at different places.

1. We speak English and a little French, will we have problems communicating with the locals.

2. Where do three single guys go to meet three single girls?

3. How much money will we need (Cash)?

4. Anything to avoid?


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1. No, english works fine for the most part
2. Use the Couchsurfing app (or Tinder of course) or just find a seat next to some girls in the beer gardens
3. A decent dinner can be around 20, a pint is about 5 euro, a one litre beer is about 10 euro
Traveller August 10, 2017
Thanks a lot! never heard of this couch surfing app so I'll have to look at that. I didn't realize you guys use tinder over there, that'll probably do.
(sorry for reverse order! I had more to write than 1500 characters, and input each answer in succession, so most recent went to the top!)

You mentioned other things besides Oktoberfest generally, so here's a blog post of mine about other stuff to do in the city besides the festival (note, you can meet locals pretty easily with a few of these!)

And here's my post about Oktoberfest if you want a breakdown of the festival including a bit of history, and what to expect when you're there.

And one about beer festivals in Germany as well.

Oh and one final one about summer in Munich and some stuff the locals love to do :)
Local Ambassador August 10, 2017
Right, thanks a lot Tom. Ill read those blogs a little later, currently at work till September and internet is spotty lol. Where we come from day drinking is pretty big so hopefully we can keep up and keep pace. We heard German Girls aren't very approachable but figured it was bull, guess you prove us wrong. What we were more interested in was if Oktoberfest was more of a Couples/family/close friends thing. Like would three guys from Canada stick out like a sore thumb?

Anyway thanks for the great responses !
Haha - I get ya about day drinking - I went to a Big10 school (Illinois) and lived in Chicago. There's no lack of day drinking in that city to be sure.

Why did you assume what people told you about German girls was bull? I would generally actually agree with you guys a little, but only during Oktoberfest / beer festivals. They're special events when that outer shell many Germans have seems to evaporate (as long as you don't come off like an idiot, they'll be pretty open to anyone!)

Oktoberfest is an every person thing. Mostly close friends for people our age though. Close friends and sometimes larger groups, depending on if people take the time to make a reservation. You definitely will NOT stick out like a sore thumb - though some of the tents are more geared towards tourists than others (ahem, Hofbräu). Augustiner is where many locals go, but it's pretty mixed overall. Some tents have different styles of music, too. Depends on the day.
Just figured its impossible to judge a whole country of girls based on a few isolated incidents that happened to (probably) drunk guys. so hopefully they'll lose that outer shell so we can all hang out a bit, get shown the actual Munich from a local standpoint. That's when well have the most fun.

I think we are going to avoid that tent then, give us a better chance of meeting Germans rather than other travelers. Were not traveling to meet other Canadians that's for sure!
4. Peeing where you're not supposed to pee. Not looking the people you're cheers-ing with in the eyes. Not eating a pretzel with Obatzda. Not learning the U-Bahn system and your way to and from the accommodations before getting schwastey. Not meeting some locals at the fest. Not getting there early enough for a comfortable couple hours before the madness (the first day will be early before it even opens, though). Being the overly uncontrollably drunk tourists on the U-Bahn bothering everyone else who's overtired from the day (this one may be hard to stop from my experience... :)).

Also, generally the area just south of the train station (Hauptbahnhof) is generally the worst area of the city. It's not really unsafe at all, it's just not nice. Shitty buildings, whatever population of homeless that Munich has is there, weird casinos, it's just not that nice of a place to be. Don't judge the city on it!
Local Ambassador August 10, 2017
3. For what.. your trip, or a day at Oktoberfest? I can't help you with the first one, but I can help you with the day at Oktoberfest bit. Let's follow the axiomatic mathematical truths of Oktoberfest: 1 Maß, 2 Maß, 3 Maß, floor.

Okay, okay, no you won't hit the floor on your fourth Maß (that's the liter of beer, not a "stein". It's pronounced "Mahss"). Of course, it depends on how fast you drink, how much you've eaten, and a ton of other factors as well. But let's say you're there for the whole day. Around 11 am for a beer and lunch all the way till 10 pm or so. Unless you pace yourself well, it will be hard not to be blacked out by that point - so I suggest taking it easy for the beginning. It's a marathon, not a sprint - really. You'll probably drink around 5 Maß or so, maybe more. Let's budget 60 Euro for beer for the day (6 Maß give or take). Then you need money for water (it's Europe!), and food. That should add on another 20 Euro (at most). You can eat cheaper outside the tent, but if you leave in the afternoon/evening, there's a high chance you won't be able to get back in.

Obviously, you don't have to go this hard every day and you don't have to drink that much beer, but if you're going to be there the whole day drinking, I'd estimate expenses well above 50 Euro for the day.
Local Ambassador August 10, 2017
Hey Branden!

1. No, not really. You should learn a few German words and phrases to impress the locals though! Older people will speak much less English than younger people, so keep that in mind. But generally, most people under 35-40 speak decent English. In the service field, English menus abound and there will be at least one waitress or waiter with English skills, if not - point at the item is your friend :)

2. Good looking and available people are everywhere, you just have to stop "looking" for them. But yea, in all seriousness, everywhere. Go to a bar in the Glockenbachviertel, the uni area, or the Münchener Freiheit area, there will be single people around. Generally, German girls aren't as "approachable", people here are more inclined to meet someone they have a connection with. Now, that connection can be that you're seated at the same table as them at Oktoberfest, but I think you get my drift. Trying to "pick up chicks" ain't gonna go so well. Just be friendly. This sounds more like life advice than travel advice for Munich, but oh well. You got both.
Local Ambassador August 10, 2017