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Starkbierzeit 2018 HELP!

By Traveller September 18, 2017

Starkbierzeit 2018 HELP!

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By Todd Traveller September 18, 2017

Been trying to find information online for the 2018 Starkbierzeit but it has been a little difficult for me. I wanted to know exactly what breweries host the party, and if you can reserve tickets to any? The only information I've found is from Paulaner Nockerberg but it says tickets aren't on sale yet. Also, what is the traditional attire? Can I wear traditional mens Bavarian clothing (lederhosen and checkered shirt) I will also be going alone, so wanted to know if people at the festival are friendly and welcoming of solo travelers...if I sit at a communal table, is it easy to strike up a conversation with others sitting around me?

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Hi Todd,
Starkbierfest is for me the best Bierfestival in Munich, so good choice ;)
Starkbierfest is usually mainly located in breweries but the most known one and funny one is located here : Everyone has the "trachte" (traditional costume) during that period. you can sit on a common table with other people they usually nice (even more if they had a starkbier ;)). If you need to book any accomodation during that period please refer to this really cool airbnb :
Local September 25, 2017
Thanks Florence! I sent you a private message with some other questions. I also did book a ticket for Starkbierzeit in the Lowenbrau so I am excited for that. I should be receiving my tickets soon :D
Todd Traveller September 25, 2017