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Best Route?

By Traveller November 16, 2017

Best Route?

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By Steve Traveller November 16, 2017

I'm visiting Munich in February with 3 friends. We want to visit a f few places whilst there and wonder if anyone could help me plan the easiest route to save time and unnecessary travel?
We are looking to visit the BMW museum, Dachau, the Fuhrer building, the Alianz arena, Haufbruhaus and Rathskellar. To complicate things further id love to take one friend to a great coffee house and another to anything to do with motorbikes!
I know it's a tall order! Any help whatsoever will be most appreciated.

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Hi Steve, how many days will you be in Munich? that would determine your best public transportation ticket and route.
Local November 20, 2017
Hi Michelle.
Thanks for your answer. We arrive Friday afternoon then come home on Monday afternoon. Can you suggest somewhere different and quirky for a drink? We're all ages! Between 31 and 55!

Many thanks
Hi Steve,

I'm posting my response in two parts, because it was too long for their limits.

I don't know about a quirky place, although the Hofbrauhaus might be seen by some as just that. :)

The group ticket is probably your best bet for transportation. It comes as a 1-day or 3-day option and covers up to 5 people. The only drawback is that if the group splits, the folks without a ticket will either have to wait somewhere, walk, or buy a separate ticket. You can buy the ticket at any station, or online here:

On Friday, you could visit the Rathaus and the Hofbrauhaus. They are a 5-minute walk from each other, and if you're staying downtown you could easily walk to both. The Ratskeller is in the basement of the (Neues) Rathaus, and if you're planning to eat, do it there (or somewhere else) and not at the Hofbrauhaus (food there is only ok and overpriced).

Saturday could be the Fuhrer Building and BMW Museum. I would also suggest visiting BMW World, since it's right there in the BMW complex (and unlike the BMW museum, it's free). BMW World has its line on display, and you can climb in/on the vehicles. Outside and on one of the upper levels inside are lots of BMW motorcycles for your motorbike friend (did I mention that it's free?)

Since shops are closed on Sundays, that might be a good day for trips further afield. I think Allianz Arena only runs tours for groups of 20 or more, booked in advance. If you just want to say you seen it, you're probably better off just seeing it from your cab or Uber on the way in from the airport. Otherwise, you could make it a detour on your trip to or from Dachau. (Note that your group travel ticket also covers the bus ride from the Dachau train station to the camp site.)

That leaves you Monday for recovery before traveling back, and any last-minute souvenir shopping!

Enjoy your trip!
Hi Michele,

Thank you very much for all your advice and tips. Really helpful.

Im really looking forward to it now and your help will make the trip all the smoother.
Do you know of Staambar? If so is it any good?


You will like the BMW museum
Traveller November 18, 2017
Hi. I'm sure we . Everything we've planned so far looks great