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german bookshops

By Traveller September 15, 2016

german bookshops

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By Adam Traveller September 15, 2016

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Dear Adam,
I am a bit confused by that topic because I don't see any question in it.
Yes, we do have bookshops in Germany and most books sold are in German. If you use our best friend Google, it will show you a lot of bookshops to choose from. Some are general bigger ones (Hugendubel at Stachus is your best bet there), some are specialized on certain topics.
But we not only have bookshops in Germany, we also have something called manners. So the next time you actually have a question, why not use a "please", "thank you", a
Local Guru September 16, 2016
salutation or at least a question mark.

I would be very pleased about this.