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Eye-opening experience
The tour was the best thing l've done in Munich other than drinking beer. The tour upgraded my visit to Munich significantly. It was informative, entertaining and thought-provoking.
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Knowledge and entertaining
There is alot of history in Munich and he pointed out most of the interesting things that the local tourist would be interested in. He was friendly and answered everyone's questions. Would recommend!
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Good tour
Very informative tour that showed us all the key sights of Munich. Adam gave us some good tips on places to go, etc and was very entertaining throughout.
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Really funny
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Dachau tour with Marcin
The tour was very good and well explained by Marcin. He gives a good condensed history of the Nazi's and how the concentration camps came to be.
He is very knowledgeable and effective in his delivery of the story of this horrible place.
Dachau Memorial Site Tour from Munich
Informative, professional and time very well spent!
Guide was easy to find and identify.

He was very thorough knowledgeable . One of the best tours I’ve taken in Munich.

We really enjoyed the pace, the multiple sites that took us to the actual events, and the use of pictures to prove de historical context.

Great value, highly recommend!
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Better than Sandemans!
I am a student living in Munich and I took a visiting friend to do this tour. It was my second tour here in Munich (first was with Sandemans). The Sandemans tour was also good, however I really enjoyed this tour! It was highly informative, funny and definitely worth it. There were many additional facts that the Sandemans tour didn't cover, which really made the city come alive.

The guide had pictures of what Munich used to look like which was fascinating to see how it had changed. This was different to the Sandemans tour too.

The only downside was that it was extremely busy (although, the Oktoberfest is currently on and he mentioned its not always this busy). Also, it would be nice to have a break in between as the tour was around 3.5 hours with no stop.
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Great tour friendly guide thought we had been Munchkins. all our life,would recommend a must do part of a visit to Munich . Patti a
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Free walking tour
Adam was great! He talked about history and Bavarian culture and was very informative. We covered most of the important and interesting sites and felt well oriented at the conclusion. I would highly recommend a tour with Adam.
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Fantastic walk in the beautiful city of Munich
Pattie,our guide was so interesting, informative and amusing.
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Matt is cool!
My boyfriend and I participated in the tour around Munich on the 2nd of September, we had Matt as our guide and he was amazing! Very funny and friendly, open and well-acquianted with Munich. Thanks a lot, it was a wonferful experience!

Free Walking Tour in Munich
I took the tour with Aiden, and he was the best! We actually had very bad weather, so the view of the castle was not what we expected, and because this can happen, the guide is so important. He was so much fun and knew a lot of interesting stories about the castle.
Day Trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich
Perfect Tour of Munich
A great way to see Munich and get fun in interesting information. Our guide from Australia was wonderful!
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Entertaining tour.
Aussie perspective on the Munich people and town. Genuinely nice guy and no high pressure for a tip at the end! Highly informative and a manageable walk. One comfort break at the end of the two and a half hour walk. A good introduction to Munich and some ideas of where else to go and where to eat.
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Couldn't find the guide
The instructions for the meeting point weren't very clear
I looked for the guide for around 15 minutes and eventually gave up and joined another tour
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Great way to spend a few hours
We were only in Munich for a very short time, but we feel this tour gave us a really good taste of the city and its history. Marcin, our guide was excellent.
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Some good tips
We enjoyed the walk as a good introduction to Munich. We particularly liked Adam’s stories, his explanation of Bavarian culture and personality and also his tips for other things to do and places to eat. One of them - Zwickl - was a gem and we went there twice. Best meal we’ve had in Munich - actually had plenty of green leaves.
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Best walking tour so far
Hey Travelers/Backpackers,

I have always booked walking tours for every new city I've visited and let me tell you, Nick is by far one of the funniest and very informative tour guide I've met.

My friends and I booked for a 3 hour English tour in Munich, starting point at Marienplatz 3. The group size was about 8-10, which was the not too big and not too small and Nick was loud and clear. The tour said it would take about 3 hours, but ours extended to about 4 hours, along with a 15 mins ice cream/coffee break. We visited St Peters church, the vegetable/fruit market, beer garden near the center, Juliet Statue from Italy, Ledehosen shop and how to traditionally wear them and what it symbolizes, the kings risedenz, the most expensive shopping district and so on!

Nick works as a state guide and is authorized as well. He also conducts day tours to Dacau concentration camp (which we didn't do since we didn't have the time), but I'm sure would've been equally amazing. Hes extremely friendly and encourages questions and is considerate.

A big thumps up from me if you plan a trip to Munich! Thanks!

Rianna Dsilva
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Awesome guide
We have Adam Martin as our guide and it feels like history have come alive. Adam gave us so much insight of the area and information on the history of Dachau, we learned so much. Alot of walking but as expected as the area to cover is big. Definitely worth it!
Dachau Memorial Site Tour from Munich

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