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Free Walking Tour in Munich
Entertaining but too long
We loved our tour guide! He was very entertaining, used a lot of irony and sarcasm to tell his stories which we loved, and taught us a lot about Munich history! We just think that the tour could’ve been cut a little shorter, 3 hours is a long time to pay our full attention and be standing around
Free Walking Tour in Munich
We are so glad we took this trip!
The combination of scenic nature spots and delicious local cuisine with matching wine and beer tasting in Pilsen, made for the most fun tour! Our tour guide was very enthusiastic and highly qualified. It was excellent!
Munich-Prague One-Way Sightseeing Tour Bus
Fun and entertaining
Side Trip tours made my vacation in Central Europe even better! It was a pleasant journey through Czech Republic and Germany while learning a lot about their history, having fun with other travellers and tasting the local cuisine! I am so happy that i found this company.
Munich-Prague One-Way Sightseeing Tour Bus
It was amazing and funny, I learnt so much about Munich!
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Adam is a fantastic tour guide.
Thanks to Adam for a great tour to Dachau. This trip is not for the faint hearted but you really feel you are getting an accurate and thorough account of activities in the concentration camp from Adam. He is so knowledgeable.

Adam is a really friendly guy and manages to tailor his delivery - serious about the brutality of events, but chatty and friendly before and after the tour. Great for insider knowledge and tips about the city.
Dachau Memorial Site Tour from Munich
Probably the best "Free walking tour" I ever had!
Marcin was super informative and entertaining. He had fun facts, explained important anecdotes of the city and was attentive to our questions. Overall, probably the best "Free walking tour" I ever had!
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Great experience!
Our tour guy Adam was excellent, it’s easier to understand why when you can imagine the history in the place you are standing in, the best of this tour it’s that it’s not only conplete but also good jokes too.
Free Walking Tour in Munich
The best tour ever
Our guide, Marcin, was a treasure of information, jokes and stories. Thank you for a great insite in the life of Munich. Although the weather was awful and very cold, I never felt bored.
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Marcin was great
Marcin was very entertaining, very knowledgeable and seemed to enjoy what he was doing. He gave us a great perspective on the history and city of Munich!
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Marcil in Munich
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Book it now!
Excellent tour led by Adam our tour guide. He is super knowledgeable and friendly I learned lots of interesting new facts about the city I once called home. This tour is really worth while and I absolutely recommend you secure your place now - even if you are only visiting for a day or two. I also can’t believe this tour is free, get involved! You won’t regret it.
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Fantastic walking tour of Munich with Hein
Sorry to Hein for the lateness of this review! We took a walking tour of Munich with him on I think the 16th December. It was fantastic! He is very knowledgeable and a great story teller. I felt much more informed about the city after the tour and had a great time during. Thanks again Hein.
Free Walking Tour in Munich
The best walking tour I've ever done
Super knowledgeable, funny, awesome guide. Really fun, engaging tour. Small group, easy to hear, great vibe! Made my trip to Munich 1000x better and gave me lots of fun facts and stories to delight my friends when telling them about the trip. If you do one thing in Munich, make it this tour.
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Great guide, explanation and smile :)
Nice weather led our tour even better!
Day Trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich
An excellent storyteller who really brought the city to life! Book it!
We absolutely loved this walking tour. Hein was an excellent guide; a natural storyteller who really brought the city to life.
It was entertaining, informative and fun! So many interesting and funny stories; we learnt a lot! His knowledge of the city and wider history is incredible and we thoroughly enjoyed his company.
Would definitely recommend booking.

Free Walking Tour in Munich
Adam was entertaining and knowledgeable
Unfortunately we lost him in the Frauenkirche. We tried to find the group again but couldn’t
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Best ever
We have had these tours all over Europe and this one was without doubt the best. Entertaining, informative and funny in places, Marcin our guide, took us through the amazing city of Munich. I cannot recommend this tour enough!!!!
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Guide Kurt lost me after first object, sorry, but walking tour was so rush: no time for photos, etc.
Free Walking Tour in Munich
Complete history of Munich in 4 hours!
Our tour guide was Marcin, musician and teacher and German beer acolyte. His historical accounts were fascinating, funny and filled with dry and interesting observations on each character and episode. The weather was cold, windy and wet and the duration was a tad too long under the circumstances. All said, we did enjoy Marcin and the tour tremendously. Better summery weather would have helped, with maybe an hour-long rest stop at a brauhaus 😁.
Free Walking Tour in Munich

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