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Crime in Nairobi

By Traveller March 2, 2018

Crime in Nairobi

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By G Traveller March 2, 2018

Is crime in Nairobi really as bad as being shown in the media?

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it is generally safe, people are friendly and helpful too...just avoid going to backstreet and the informal settlements unless in company of a local.
Local March 3, 2018
No. Crime isn't as bad as it is being publicist. As a foreigner just do not show off and avoid crowded places.
Every city on earth is dangerous in it's own way.
Local March 2, 2018
not really the media at times just wants to paint a city bad yes crimes exists anywhere in the world but its not as bad as shown in
Safe but -Basic security precautions are advisable
Nop.... Nairobi is a safe and excellent place to walk and leave
No. Tourists visiting Nairobi are safe. Avoid walking at night alone and in dark places. With a tour guide you can walk, drive anywhere in Nairobi during the day.