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Pizza making class

By Traveller July 15, 2018

Pizza making class

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By Robert Traveller July 15, 2018

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Corso Pizzaiolo Base, 4 days (40 hours) from 7 to 10 august. . Call free phone 800 59 80 90 or go to this link:
Anyway in Naples there are several schools for pizza makers.
Hi Adraina,
Thank you so much for your reply.

I actually looking for something like a half day family friendly class.
Something that tourists would do. We're in Naples for a week and wanted to have a half day activity that we'd all enjoy.

Would you know of such a class?

Pellone, Nazionale street. Near central station of Naples. But many turist go to Sorbillo in old town. Anyway if you want to test many kinds of pizza you must go to Concettina ai tre Santi in the Sanità zone.
All these are pizzerias, not making class.
Thanks again for your replay Adriana,
I was wondering where I would find a good Pizzeria - Off the tourist track - something truly authentic.