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Where can i best park a car?

By Traveller July 26, 2018

Where can i best park a car?

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By Tim Traveller July 26, 2018

Where to park a car and use public transport to visit the centre?

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Hi Thim,
there are many garage in Naples. You can park the car and after go walking to visiti the city. I suggest you a garage in via San Pasquale 78. Near you can go shopping or take subway. Is near from Villa Comunale, Via Dei Mille, Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli, ecc. Have a good fun!
the two are in the center, quite easy reach them and affordable.
then if you wanna walk aorund the center by feet it's the best option

Via della Incoronata, 22, 80133 Napoli

‪081 551 9185 ‬‎

Garage Oriente Di Fiorillo Carmela

‪Via San Tommaso d'Aquino, 44, 80133 Napoli‬

‪081 551 6843 ‬‎
Local July 27, 2018
you should park your car at garage Morelli
Local July 26, 2018
Hi Tim,
there are many private pargheggi in the center area, but it is definitely forbidden to enter by car.
if you can 'interest I organize tours by scooter to visit the city as with the car is impossible ... visit my page
Local July 27, 2018