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New Years Eve in Napoli

By Traveller December 8, 2018

New Years Eve in Napoli

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By Ieva Traveller December 8, 2018

Hey guys, the four of us are coming to Napoli for the New Years, and are looking for restaurant recommendations for December 31 - what do you reckon would be fun, festive, but not too overpriced? Thanks!

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Hi Leva
I reccomend u to watch the firework at the castel dell ovo, it is a castle onthe sea at’partenope street’ which is the ‘lungomare’.
If u search on the net you can find different pizzeria, restaurants at via partenope which organize a spectacular dinner at different price
U can see for example
1)pizzeria antonio antonio
2)pizzeria regina margherita
3)pizzeria anema e cozze
Pay attention if u want to go there you must book in advance otherwise u can not find anywhere and anything to eat
Local December 11, 2018
you can check IL SOLDINO, via carlo de cesare. it is very close to piazza plebiscito wher ethe party is. the restaurant is also pizzeria and it is cheap enough and very very good. but please be aware that in new years eve prices are higher and they offer a closed menu from the starter to the dessert.
Local December 10, 2018