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By Traveller January 21, 2019


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By Na Traveller January 21, 2019

help with the route for Capri from it better to take a tour or go by our own?
tips and transportation info
thank you

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From naples you should take a ferry at molo beverello
If u come during summer it s better to make a reservation
There are so many people.absolutly ubcan go on your own just having a look on the net.
I reccomend a boat trip that starts from the port of marina grande near when u arrive in capri
Take with u water and something to eat
Capri it s very expensive
The ticket from marina grande( the port) to capri centre costa 2 euros per perskn it is called funicolare it take u up in the town. Then u can have a walking tour to punta tragara and different ‘belvedere’ places with a beautiful view. Then u can take the bus to marina piccola wich is an amazing beach
Local January 22, 2019
i think that's better to go by your own
hydrofoil or boats from Piazza Municipio
Local January 21, 2019
you can reach CApri from Naples by boat ( 12 euros ca) or fast boat ( 20 eurso ca) only to go.... SNAV is the company.... you can contact a local guide if you really want. Capri is a tiny island with some interesting spots, Gucci and Prada's shopw don't make it like a fishermen village... but it is astonishing in his beauty Capri si an expensive island regarding to Procida and Ischia
Local January 21, 2019