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April - Resturants & Clubs

By Traveller April 7, 2017

April - Resturants & Clubs

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By Jessica Traveller April 7, 2017

I am arriving in Naples tomorrow afternoon - I was wondering if the beach clubs will be open by now (April)? Also any recommendations for somewhere lovely to eat dinner on sunday evening? Thanks.

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1) I think they will do. You could check on-line on their websites or Facebook pages. I will write you down some name:

Bagni Elena - In the city centre, a bit expensive but very nice.

Beach&Brother - On an other coast, Capo Miseno. Here you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and have some good cocktail.

Lido Turistico and Vibes- A bit more cool and trendy then the previous one, on the same coast.

If you are loking for disco club on the seaside take a look on the Arenile in Bagnoli district.

2)I would suggest you to spend a good Sunday lunch rather then a dinner, like we do.
What is your budget?
Local April 7, 2017
Yes could definitely do that - we are in Capri on Sunday, so somewhere there would be great. Budget not an issue. It would be nice to have a light bite in the evening too, if possible.
Yes, the beach clubs should be open. You can choose beetween Posillipo beaches (ex. Lido Elena) or more spacious and less crowdy beaches in Varcaturo, but you will have to rent a car to get there. It depends on what you like to eat. Vegetarian try un sorriso integrale. Sushi try 'o sushi. Neapolitan try trattoria san Ferdinando, but call to reserve a table. Best pizza is Concettina e i tre santi, but you cannot reserve and better be there @ 7pm if you don't like 1-2 hour queues.
Local April 7, 2017
Thank you!