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Where to stay

By Traveller April 18, 2017

Where to stay

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By Rob Traveller April 18, 2017

My wife and I are going to Naples in September and would like to know if we should stay in Naples or close to Baiae?
As long as we can stay in a comfortable hotel (recommendations please) and can be close to a quiet beach (recommendations please) and great local restaurants (recommendations please)

Thanks in advance for your help


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Ciap Rob, sorry for my delay. In a town as Napoli there are many hotels to recommend: of course, as owner of a fantastic flat in the heart of Napoli, five minutes walking from Plebiscito square, in the middle of everything, i can suggest my flat 😃70 square meters, one bedroom, a leaving room, kitchen. More comfortable than an hotel. Or another solution, 12 km from Napoli, in my b&b. Good solution if you want to rent a car, or travel by train. In both case, you have 24 hours me as your personal travel agent 😉
Local Ambassador April 22, 2017
Hi Nino,how much do you charge for your flat? 27-30 gennaio for 3 people
We stayed in the city center close to train station, was full up with Nigerians selling their wares. Wasn't safe to go out after dark, Found Naples disappointing...
Local April 18, 2017
Don't stay close to train station, full up of Nigerians although accommodation was good wasn't safe to go out at night
Local April 18, 2017
Ciao Rob
Baia is a lovely place especially for the many interesting places to visit (Spanish castle, ancient Roman hot spring, and to be close to Pozzuoli and not far from Napoli)
About beaches, if you need relax better to stay on some island, Procida or Ischia. They are not far from Pozzuoli.
About hotels, there are so many I can recommend, its important to know the budget to suggest something..
Local Ambassador April 18, 2017
Grazie Nino
Our budget for accommodation is €50 to €100 per night
Ciao Rob, looking to the messages, it seems you have not received mine, about hotels..