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By Traveller April 19, 2017


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By Jay Traveller April 19, 2017

I will be visiting naples next week, which areas is the best area to stay around good food, bars, nightlife?

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Hi Jay,
there is good food all around the city! For the Bard and the night life i would reccomend you two main Arras:

1. The old town quarter - there you will find lot of animated and crowdy square due to the dozens bar that serve cocktails and beers at very low prices. This is the ancient part of the city so you will find the most famous ( and delicious) pizzas and on-budget restaurant too.

2. "Chiaia" - this is a trendy area with nice streets and a lot of bars where you can enjoy a good quality cocktail or rather taste some good aperitivo. You will find higher prices but higher cocktails quality. The food is good as well, as I told you before It is everywhere!

For anyother information write here (:

Local April 19, 2017
In Napoli you can find good food almost everywhere. Nightlife and great food too, inside historical center or between via Toledo and Plebiscito square.
Local Ambassador April 19, 2017