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By Traveller April 22, 2017


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By An Inactive User Traveller April 22, 2017

Where and how can we best see the Capodimonte pottery/porcelain?

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Ciao Monica, you can see them at Capodimonte museum. If you want but it, few good shops sell Capodimonte ceramics
Local Ambassador April 22, 2017
Of course, silly me - was in a hurry. It seems that it only has porcelain and I was expecting pottery. Is there anywhere else I can see Neapolitan pottery?
if you are looking for places to shop, you'll easily find something on google. If you look for fine art exhibition i think the two museum are the most valuable places
Many thanks - and no, not shopping (!), but love pottery of all sorts so wanted to make the most of my 2 days in Naples. Sadly it's a Sunday and Monday - not great for fish restaurants! Unless you have an inspired idea. Or even best atmospheric pizza place?? Atmosphere as important and quality of food.
Sunday is indeed good for fish food; this restaurant is great, even if a bit expensive, but you will also find other good fish restaurant along the same street, from Ciro onward.
To me, the best pizza in Napoli is this one but you'll better get there not later than midday (for lunch) or 7 PM (for dinner) in order to avoid at least one hour queue (but they have an app that allows you to book the table only outside the restaurant and receive a notifications a few minutes before the table is available - see here And please be careful, as it is situated in the very historical center of Napoli, so beautiful and picturesque, but a bit dangerous if you wear jewels or expensive stuffs
Really appreciate all that - thank you. No worries - no expensive jewellery on me!!!
good, feel free to contact me on