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Getting to/away from Naples with train.

By Traveller August 3, 2017

Getting to/away from Naples with train.

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By Uldis Traveller August 3, 2017

We're going to Italy in October and would like to get to Naples too.. We will start from Bari and then would like to go to Naples by train, but we don't understand about train tickets - if we buy them on internet now (looks like there are better prices, if we buy them faster), do we need to print them out or we can show them on our mobiles?

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Ciao. If you buy on Trenitalia Frecciarossa (speed train) you can save it on your mobile.
Another train (regional train for example) I think you need to print it.
Anyway it doesn't cost anything to you to print tickets in both cases.
Local Ambassador August 3, 2017
Thanks! So we better buy them now, print them out and take with us, when we're going there.. :)