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How common is English?

By Traveller September 12, 2017

How common is English?

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By Kat Traveller September 12, 2017

Hi there! I'll be in Naples this week and I'm starting to worry about my *very* limited Italian skills. Do many people speak English? Grazie!

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Hi I have been living in Naples for two months now and never had a trouble about language, just be cool and smile.
Local October 4, 2017
Italians are very communicative, even if they are not always good in English. If you want to have a guided tour of the city check, they have English speaking guides
Local September 25, 2017

Benvenuto a Napoli.

Naples, like many southern cities and towns of Italy have very few English speakers. You should be okay at supermarkets and certain retail stores and restaurants. But for any bureaucratic issues, police station, hospital, etc. you will need to know Italian.

Best wishes,
Local September 13, 2017
Hello! I was in a smaller town called bagnoli where not many people speak English... more towards tourist areas Like Napoli centro.. But honestly I didn't come across to many English speakers even in restaurants.

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Local September 13, 2017