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Eat with locals

By Traveller January 10, 2018

Eat with locals

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By לימור Traveller January 10, 2018

Hi there, we will be at napels at the 20Th of January for a week and would like to know if ther is an organization other than eat with, through which its posible to eat at a local home.

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I am from Napoli but I don't know any organizations who make dinners in local houses. For sure I suggest you "Nennella restaurant" in the Spanish neighborhood (quartieri spagnoli) which is basically the closest thing to eating with locals: a small family ruled restaurant with traditional napolitan dishes and the funniest people ever, from the boss to the waiters. They use to sing and make lots of jokes between them and over customers. To me that's the funniest place to eat in Naples. Best pasta eand patate with provola around.

The only organisation I know is ESN Naples, but they mostly organise things with Erasmus students. Maybe you can ask on their Facebook page.

Otherwise there is my nonna in the countryside, she is obviously not a restaurant but she is a great cook anyway XD
Local January 14, 2018
you can contact this HOME restaurant

or, if you prefer, we can arrange a home dinner for you ( from two to six person) .
traditional neapolitan food, vegan choice, wine. explanation of every dish. in a real neapolitan house.
Local January 11, 2018
Thanx Alesandro, I don't see the resturants address at their FB page
this is their email, I can easily open thier page.

Casa Falù, home restaurant

thanks, I contacted them on FB