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Contemporary, Modern Art. Galleries, Museums........

By Traveller March 25, 2018

Contemporary, Modern Art. Galleries, Museums........

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By Bertrand Traveller March 25, 2018

Hi, does somebody has knowledge about happening art spaces/spots. Street, urban, graffiti, underground, contemporary art. Thanks for your input.

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Hi Bertrand,
It’s quite impossible to describe all our treasures (Museums, Galleries, etcetera).
There are events every month, especially in May.
The only Via Duomo has seven museums.
I suggest to you one thing: come to Napoli, walk inside historic center, and you will be part of a living Museo!
Local Ambassador March 27, 2018
ok. contemporary ART:
1) PAN, Palazzo delle arti Napoli.. in this moment they have an Exhibtion on Salvador Dalì
2) MADRE museum

you should check the street art of ROXY IN THE BOX. most of their masterpieces are in the streets. ( google her name)

) NATIONAL MUSEUM is a very good spot for ancient sculture, egyptian and POMPEi MOSAIQUES. there you'll find the only picture of ALEXANDER the GREAT

Local March 26, 2018
Thank you
Thanks. Unfortunately I was talking about Naples Italy.
Traveller March 25, 2018
not much in naples I am have the Museum at the Phil..and other than is 'catch as one can'...not much..more on the east coast/Miami
Local March 25, 2018