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Original and Unusual Things to Do in Naples

By Traveller March 30, 2018

Original and Unusual Things to Do in Naples

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By Юлія Traveller March 30, 2018

Hi guys! Could you please kindly recommend any very unusual or original things to do or to go in Naples? We would like to embrace the local spirit and get the full atmosphere out of it. Looking for something very atmospheric. Do you have any recommendation?

And could you also recommend any food items typical for this region that we should buy to take home and where to buy? Do you know any good Salumeria where local Neapolitans buy Prosciutto? Thank you so much!

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if you really wanna embrace the local spirit you should get in contact with a local. neapolitan people are very very friendly , it is very common they will shae thier meal with you. if it happens on sunday lucnh, it will be the best spot on the city you can have.

tYpical food; mozzarella ( you can buy it in the airport, after the security control. otherwise you won't be allowed to carry it in the plane)

sweet pastries ( sfogliatelle) and taralli ( a special kind of pretzels with pepper and pork fat, very very tasty)

Prosciutto is not from this area, but you can find it and buy it in every salumeria... choose one in a very popoluar area.

don't miss
1) Cappella San Severo
2) Cimitero fontanelle
3) parco archeologico Gaiola (www.gaiola.org)

if you're looking for some very very unusual...
Local April 4, 2018
Thank you so much!

And could you also recommend me any free sea beach very close to Naples (from 30 to 60 minutes by train from Naples)? Thanks!
you can reach a very good beach @ BAGNO SIRENA Via Posillipo, 357, 80123 Napoli NA
( entrance fee is 10 euros a day)
in the center fo the city, sea water si ver clean

or GAIOLA beach, entrance is free. the place is magic
but it takes a taxi to reach the entrance
it's in Posillipo, parco del virgiliano.
in the city