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Accomodation close to the sea

By Traveller April 22, 2018

Accomodation close to the sea

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By Magdolna Traveller April 22, 2018

Dear All, we will be visiting Amalfi and Naples between 3-8th May. We’ve already booked room for the nights 3-4-5 at Amalfi, and now would like to plan our Naples visit - 2 nights. We have no idea where to stay. It would be nice to be on the seaside but for a reasonable price and with good public transport to the city. It can be in the suburbs, too. Could you please recommend such an area? Many thanks for your help in advance!

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Contact this page for info on what to see and where to eat and sleep.
They organize tours for Naples at very low prices:
Local April 23, 2018
Anything in the historical center would be good. Forget about the seaside, it's ultra expensive plus not that far from the center (where everything you need to see is anyway)
Local April 22, 2018
Thank you.