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Amalfi coast vespa tour

By Traveller May 9, 2018

Amalfi coast vespa tour

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By Urša Traveller May 9, 2018

Dear all,

I am travelling to Pompeii in august and i would really like to explore Amalfi coast by Vespa/scooter (with a driver). I found some offers on the internet but they are all quite expensive. So I would like to ask if anyone knows where to find someone that offers that kind of tour and doesnt cost like 300€ for one day ;P?

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A dear friend of mine could show you around Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Castellammare di Stabia with his cute, white Vespa. He speaks (Italian), English and Spanish and he's the funniest guy you could find around here :D A day with him and you would learn anything about Neapolitan culture and hospitality and find a lot of hidden gems such as wonderful coves.
Feel free to write me if you're interested in this adventure! And if you decide to include Ischia in your Campanian tour, just let me know as I am Ischian :D
Local June 8, 2018