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Recommendations for rooftop dining for a family of five including an 11 year old? Thanks 🙂

Dave February 27, 2019 answer

Other than the local tourist places, i.e. statue of liberty, 9-11, is there any hidden gems we should see/do while vi... Read more

Linda February 20, 2019 answer

I am bringing my daughters to NYC in June and am wondering how safe it is to visit the Bronx night market. We were to... Read more

Linda February 20, 2019 answer

Hi, I'm coming to New York in June and we need to hire a car as we are driving up to Vermont after a few days in NY. ... Read more

Liz January 29, 2019 answer

Hi there! First time in NY. Two people. Looking for an area to stay in Brooklyn. My humble priorities are: - no... Read more

Руслан January 21, 2019 answer

where can I get a good quality genuine bagel in NY?

Samantha January 17, 2019 answer

We wills be visiting NY and Washington next week, but what’s closed an what’s not ? - empire stade building ? - 9... Read more

Tamara January 11, 2019 answer

Hi, i am trying to find a way to buy data that is cheap while inUSA, most places offer 5/10 GB but only 2G speed for$... Read more

Jacinta January 10, 2019 answer

I’ll be moving to NYC soon for a UN job, I’m looking for a place to live. My main criteria : affordability, cleanline... Read more

Leen December 31, 2018 answer

Is it worth going to for a nice dinner or is there somewhere better?

jennifer December 13, 2018 answer

What is the best limo/car service to pick us up from LGA and take us to our hotel? Its our 20th anniversary so I want... Read more

jennifer December 13, 2018 answer

Hello! Is it free to watch the ball drop for the times square or do we have to pay an entry fee because it’s the ne... Read more

Mehdi December 12, 2018 answer

Any ideas to which is the best attraction pass (NY Pass or NY Sightseeing Pass) for value and range of attractions? T... Read more

Dave December 9, 2018 answer

Hello everyone! I would like to know the best way to get from Newark airport to Manathan. Thanks, Sofia

Sofia November 13, 2018 answer

can I easily pay in new york and withdraw money with a foreign (europe) bank card?

Matti October 30, 2018 answer

Hi, I came from the place where people back then used to buy milk, cheese, and butter in bulk, coming to the store wi... Read more

Valeria October 28, 2018 answer

Hi! Is there any way to go on the Empire State Building for a cheaper price? And is it worth to do it or is it a tour... Read more

Matti October 10, 2018 answer

Hi! We are going to new york in 2 weeks and are wondering if it's better to book a broadway show online or to see if ... Read more

Matti October 10, 2018 answer

Visiting New York, staying in Brooklyn, next year and looking for sites, places, addreses relating to Lou Reed/Velvet... Read more

Dave October 7, 2018 answer

Just putting it out there ... I'll be in NYC for Christmas, away from my family in Australia and I was wondering if t... Read more

Gina October 2, 2018 answer

My friend and I want to set up a pop-up where we showcase our new clothing line, and we wanted to know where we shoul... Read more

Sammy September 15, 2018 answer

Since it my first time going to New York. I'll be taking cash. I was wandering is it worth getting a travel payment... Read more

paul August 14, 2018 answer

II'm travelling alone in New York, is it possible to hire someone local to take photos of me whilst doing the Gho... Read more

paul August 8, 2018 answer

Hello locals! I'm travelling over next week and it's my first time in New York, and I was wondering... Do you have... Read more

Mizar July 16, 2018 answer

Hi everyone! I'll be in NYC from July 5-12 and would like to listen to some Jazz. Lincoln Center has no programming... Read more

Ana Paula June 18, 2018 answer

Sports-If your are a Yankees fan, do you then support the Jets or the Giants? A Mets fan? Simply put, is there a NY... Read more

jj June 18, 2018 answer

Going to New York soon with my mom, aunt, and cousin who is 17 what are some fun things we could do that are not to k... Read more

Kiesha June 6, 2018 answer

Hi guys! I'll be in NYC from July 7-12. I've already seen many of the Broadways shows and was wondering what else you... Read more

(is the pay-what-you-wish still valid? what are the best halls? tips for families with kids? cinema IMAX?)

Lorenzo April 18, 2018 answer

Arriving the 7th of april at noon, then we have Nobu downtown resturant booked for the night, whats your opinion on t... Read more

Erik April 3, 2018 answer

Does anyone know of any currency exchange place here in NYC with good exchange rates? I'm leaving for Europe tmr so I... Read more

Rachel March 24, 2018 answer

Hello, if you know, please tell me some websites, where I can find part-time student jobs. thanks

Sopo March 7, 2018 answer

Im looking for a a good mens barber in upper weet area

Gedalia February 28, 2018 answer

I've done the touristy things to do. I would like to know what locals think are the must see sights?

trish February 14, 2018 answer

Which districts do you recommend for staying if we are goibg to soend less tgen one week in Tokyo? Thank you

Alisa January 17, 2018 answer

Hi, I know that's not Washington but i wondered if there's some place in NY where to have good BBQ ribs. If the place... Read more

Charly December 20, 2017 answer

Need to send flowers to my daughter on Jane Street.

Robert December 12, 2017 answer

We'd like something fun- boozy and non touristy like the Ball Drop.... thanks in advance

Danika December 6, 2017 answer

We'd like something quite fun with a buzzing atmosphere. Thanks in advance!

Danika December 6, 2017 answer

Where would I find the best and largest collection of killer graffiti in NYC? Thank you for your time. Anthony

Anthony November 29, 2017 answer

Hello from Athens, Greece Me and my group on 24/12 would like to go to a Harlem Gospel. This day I will need your... Read more

Konstantina November 15, 2017 answer

Hi we are looking for recommemdations for new year parties around the meatpacking area (doesnt have to be though) we ... Read more

danika October 18, 2017 answer

Hello! My travel group on 22nd of December until 29th is going to visit NY. We would like to have with us a lo... Read more

Konstantina October 6, 2017 answer

Hello from Greece! A group of 30PAX will visit NY on 22nd until 29th of December. On 24th of December we would lik... Read more

Konstantina October 5, 2017 answer

Is there app that allows you to enter addresses for best subway routes?

erine September 12, 2017 answer

We are there 8th-12th August .. I'd also like to go to alternative places ..

Giuseppe August 1, 2017 answer

Are there any good flea markets or street markets this weekend in the city? Looking for good shopping

Jessica July 29, 2017 answer

Im looking for some place to eat in the city tomorrow night. Home made food, good views. Not really picky about food ... Read more

Jessica July 29, 2017 answer

Hi! I am traveling alone and i can´t find an apartment to share with someone, if anyone knows some friend that want t... Read more

Anabela July 6, 2017 answer

I live in Queens, came back from the Netherlands in April. Missing the Dutch food. Like... Bitterballen, stroopwafels... Read more

Sarah July 1, 2017 answer

Hi, I would like to know where I can go to have the best view of the fireworks on the 4th of July ? Merci. Sandrine.

Sandrine June 29, 2017 answer

Looking for really good Italian food in Little Italy in a spot that is not "touristy"

Stephanie June 21, 2017 answer

Hi! i travel alone...where do you recomend me to stay? i want to rent an apartment

Anabela June 9, 2017 answer

We are organizing food trendtours in main food capitals in the world. The main goal is to bring our customers a bit c... Read more

Lars June 8, 2017 answer

Im taking my mum to new york for her birthday as a suprise! Shes never left europe! What is the best gay bar for me t... Read more

Where can i find the best macaroons in manhattan?

Lauren May 22, 2017 answer

Where can i find the best macaroons in manhattan?

Lauren May 22, 2017 answer

Hi , any tips on best hop on hop off bus tour .Heard some nightmare stories about some companies

Steven May 20, 2017 answer

hi coming over from scotland in july for a week , looking for advice on good places to eat in Madison Ave area that d... Read more

Steven May 20, 2017 answer

what is there to see on the way? what rout to take (if I like to see the views and nice small towns with small marke... Read more

Gonen May 15, 2017 answer

Hi, I would like to find a cool dancing club with good music of Disco, hip hop and 90's (not house or techno)... My... Read more

Gonen May 8, 2017 answer

I am looking for a nice apartment , under 100 US to stay in NY I am traveling alone, it will be great to be at neigh... Read more

daniel May 1, 2017 answer

Hi Guys I am planning a trip to the US end of this month. I am looking out for a guide to assist me in NYC from 23... Read more

Royson April 6, 2017 answer

Hi Guys, I am travelling from the UK to NYC for my 21st birthday in July with a friend. Really want to do somethin... Read more

Tali March 28, 2017 answer

Hi, Where should I go for the best reuben sandwich?

Bill February 5, 2017 answer

Walking tour company is hiring tour guides with a history major. Part time from Thursday to Sunday from 4:45 pm to 8i... Read more

Alex January 25, 2017 answer

Hello Guys! We are the production of the action packed travel show the “World Party” that aired during 3 consecut... Read more

Konstantina January 17, 2017 answer

Hi, locals! I'm gona be at Manhettan from Mon (17th of jan) till Fr. Could you please suggest what are the best thing... Read more

Elina January 15, 2017 answer

Hi New Yorkers! I was wondering if anyone could recommend bars and clubs to spend New Year's Eve parties at this year... Read more

Anna November 28, 2016 answer

Hello! I am looking for a reliable and affordable taxi company in NY, that allows you to pre-book for pick-ups from N... Read more

Anna November 22, 2016 answer

I know Brooklyn is likely best for that, but is there anything matching that description in Manhattan anymore? Lowkey... Read more

Saskia September 13, 2016 answer

any great funky designer eyewear shops in Manhattan?

louise September 2, 2016 answer

If you love great design, can you suggest a designer, funky, unusual eyewear shop?

louise September 2, 2016 answer

I'm looking for a place to surf in August, so basically what I need is a suitable shore for a beginner and a place to... Read more

Tatyana August 10, 2016 answer

Hello, What is the best places to eat that will leave an impression on an out-of-towner. Pizza, soul food, seafood,... Read more

Angela July 15, 2016 answer

Things to do in popular destinations