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By Tamara Traveller January 11, 2019

We wills be visiting NY and Washington next week, but what’s closed an what’s not ?

- empire stade building ?
- 9/11 memorial museum ?
- moma ?
- Guggenheim?

- spy museum ?

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5 answers

The answers you received are accurate and I couldn't add anything more to it,however as an option to the Empire State building you may want to consider Top of The Rock located in Rockefeller Center. The viewing angles are much different than the Empire State building. The views are awesome you would not be disappointed.
Steven Local January 11, 2019

Everything in New York should be open. and I have no idea about Washington DC. I assume spy museum should be open. Please let me know if you need anything else.
mostafa Local January 11, 2019
As mentioned below, the places you mention in NYC are not National Parks, and shouldn't be closed, but do check them for hours and ticket policy. The art museums are all open, although some are closed one day a week. MoMA is open every day. Serval organizations offer special tours in NYC. Untaped Cities, NY Adventure Club. Check them out on line, and read the reviews.
As for Washington, DC, that's another story. There are a number of private museums which should be open. By all means check. Even if the shutdown is lifted. There is a lot to see to Washington. Looking into tours can give you ideas, even if you don't take the tour!
Two great cities. Very different.
Davis Local January 11, 2019
All of the sites you have listed are currently open but it is advised that if you can purchase tickets in advance this is highly suggested for most of the sites on your list, principally the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and the Empire State Building which may have long ticketing lines and/or may be sold out on the days/times you prefer to visit. Combo admission tickets are available at reduced price for these two sites, but I suggest you go online to these attractions sites or call them to explore your advance purchase options in more detail. If you’re coming to NY, don’t forget the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Museum as well as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Not to be missed.
Lady Liberty is outdoors and it’s cold,
but the ferry there has indoor seating, and passing underneath it,
you can imagine how our immigrant ancestors felt as they entered New York Harbor.
An Inactive User Local January 11, 2019
Hi Tamara! The government shutdown should not affect your time in New York very much, if it all. Washington, DC is a different case.

The Empire State Building, MoMA, and Guggenheim are all privately owned museums and buildings. The shutdown is for the federal government, and won’t have any bearing. The 9/11 Museum (as far as I know) is also not federally owned. The 9/11 Museum website does not indicate any closures.

The primary destinations affected in NY by the shutdown would be the Statue if Liberty and Ellis Island. Our state, however, has kept these locations open because of their tourist traffic.
Evan Local January 11, 2019