Christmas In New York City.

By Traveller August 28, 2019
New York

Christmas In New York City.

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By Tom Traveller August 28, 2019

We are going to New York City at Christmas 2020. We would like to know what exciting things to do around that time. Whats open, whats not open. Holiday events and so forth. We have been to New York several times and would like to enjoy a New York Christmas. Any information would be appreciated. THANK YOU

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In my opinion you dont really have to do anything specific to enjoy Christmas time in NYC it's just delightful to see the city all festive and decorative. Of course seeing the tree at Rockefeller center is a must you can ice skate there as well and that's a treat. Bryant park also has beautiful shops set up for the holidays and is another place to ice skate. If you have kids seeing the Radio City Christmas show is a famous NYC tradition. Holiday windows are a must see at Macys,Saks fifth Ave and Bergdorf's. Rolf,s
German restaurant is a favorite around holiday time because of the festive decor
Traveller September 2, 2019
Thank you so much Jessica... much appreciated...
Tom Traveller September 2, 2019
Not this year, 2019?!

Well, if the past is any guide, and I were you, and the stores with window (mentioned below by others) are still open, I would ration my time and not feel pressed to see every thing! When you’re close check out New York Magazine for current shows and extravaganzas, and personalities, and also check all Broadway shows and even Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center for highlights. In fact, do all that now!
Traveller August 29, 2019
Thank you so much for your reply... it really helps
Window displays at Macy's, Bergdorf Goodman & Sacks. (Lord & Taylor is no more.) The tree at Rockerfellow Center, and ice skating there. Usually food and gifts at Byrant Park stalls. Also, if you like music, specially early music, there are usually special concerts at the Met Museum (check out the tree!), the Cloisters, St. John's (Upper West Side) and other venues. Stores stay open. A very few places may have Christmas Day hours, restaurants might have special menus.
Local August 29, 2019
Thank you.... this is really useful information.
Pretty much everything is open. Rockefeller center for the tree and 5th Ave for window displays are popular. I would recommend going at like 3 am to avoid the crowds. It gets REALLY bad. Like you're on a crowded train but on the sidewalk bad. Ice skating at Bryant park- I think it's cheaper than Rockefeller.
Local August 28, 2019
Thanks Ashley... much appreciated...