By Traveller May 20, 2017
New York


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By Steven Traveller May 20, 2017

Hi , any tips on best hop on hop off bus tour .Heard some nightmare stories about some companies

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I've ridden the red buses... it was fine. They are useful for a one day experience... just head to Times square and hop on one. :)
Local May 23, 2017
The Big Bus gets good reviews, but like most New Yorkers I have never actually used the tour buses so I don't have first-hand experience. The quality of the experience will depend largely on the driver/guide. So if your guide isn't very good, you can just hop off the bus and wait for the next one and hope they are better.
Local May 21, 2017
Thankyou Samantha , the buses are a fortune as well .Really looking forward to our trip .Coming over from Scotland , been to the states many times but never NY .
Traveller May 21, 2017
Honestly i think every new yorker hates these buses. If you have kids i can see them being useful. If you dont, NYC is divided up into three parts... Uptown, Midtown and Downtown. Take a day and explore them using the subway and walking. Uptown you have central park, museums. Midtown the touristy entire of NYC and Downtown itself is divided up into east and west village, financial district , union square ... NYC is very much a city made for walking
Local May 20, 2017
I'm a local I don't use those services. Check trip advisor reviews
Local May 24, 2017
thanks , just thought people may have heard of any good or bad ones .thanks though