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From Nicosia to Paphos

By Traveller June 9, 2017

From Nicosia to Paphos

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By Barbara Traveller June 9, 2017

My dearest local people,
I kindly ask you to help me :)
I will visi tmy friend in Paphos In September.
Probably I will come from Istanbul to Nicosia Airport.
What is the cheapest and easiest way to Paphos?

Thank you so much in advance!

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Hi Barbara, sorry to tell you that Nicosia airport is not a legally entry airport in Cyprus. Flights from instanbul to Nicosia airport are operated by the turks who invaded the island and hold the land illegally since 1974. however the easiest way to get to Pafos from Nicosia is to get the intercity buses see link
Traveller July 4, 2017
Thank you so much Natalia for you answer! :)
your comments are fully illagal . Greek barbars killed many turks since 1974 and turkish army came !! barbars
Nicosia Airport (or Ercan as it is known locally) is on the North (occupied/Turkishside ) of the island, so there is not one single means of transport that will take you all the way from Ercan to Paphos. You will have to get from Ercan to the South side (Greek side) of Nicosia and then find an alternate means of transportation to Paphos - there are plenty of buses in the South from Solomos Square in the Centre of Nicosia in the Old Town area. These buses will take you directly from Nicosia to Paphos in around 2hrs and shouldn't cost more that 10euro - there is also a Travel Express service which picks you up from your location and takes you wherever you want to be dropped off, however you share the service with other people leaving at the same time as you and the journey takes much much longer and is more expensive - to take Travel Express all the way to Paphos, you have to change in Limassol. There is a car share page on Facebook called 'Car Share Cyprus' which might be useful. Don't take a taxi - they will charge you around 150 from Nicosia to Paphos.
Local June 12, 2017
Thank you for your answer! You've been really helpful! :)
If u come from istabul to Nikosia airport u have to cross the borders and then go to Kapnos bus and go to pafos airport or go to Eleytheria squear and take a bus to pafos
Local June 11, 2017
Thank you for your answer! You've been really helpful too! :)
Hello. You will land in the northern island that is occupied by the Turks in Nicosia and you have to come to the southern Greek part by taxi . You need to pass the borders on foot. One way to get to Paphos is from Kapnos airport shuttle and the cost is 15 €. I will recommend for u to land direct in larnaca airport or even better in Paphos airport that is on the Greek side of the island
Local June 10, 2017
Omg... I am little bit shocked about that I have to pass the borders like on foot.
I mean that would be okay, just I already bougth my tickets, and I will arrive 00:10.. so even worse.
Phu... I dont know what to do then. I have to find out.
But thank you SOOO MUCH for you response. It was very helpful to me!!!