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Looking for advices...

By Traveller September 4, 2017

Looking for advices...

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By Barbara Traveller September 4, 2017

My dearest local people,

I need some help.
I will arrive to Nicosia/Ercan Airport late night, like 0:10.
My final destination is Paphos.
Please, can you say me some advices have to get there in this time, or how can I go to the checking point to reach the other side?
Also is there any possibility to have somebody who can pick me up and take me to the gate/checking point?

Thank you in advance!


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You can use Kapnos Airport Shuttle, to and from the airport. More info here: https://www.kapnosairportshuttle.com/?locale=en
Local September 4, 2017
Thank you so much Ermina! :)
No problem! Only, I just realized you were talking about the airport at the northern side.. Kapnos only has routes across the greek side of Cyprus. So, no idea how you can get to Paphos actually... Sorry!
Ermina Local September 4, 2017
I found a kapnos shuttle from Nicosia to Paphos at 3:45 .. on the page what you sent.
Then how is that ?
Check which part of Nicosia. Nicosia is a divided city, half on the Greek side the other half on the Turkish one.
Ermina Local September 5, 2017
Hello Barbara. There are buses from Ercan Airport to Nicosia. http://kibhas.org/. If you tell me when you arrive ı can do reservation for you. My mail address is celikkayaserap@gmail.com.
Local September 6, 2017
Hello barbarian, when you reach Ercan, use KIBHAS bus services. The last bus is at 00:30. Then go to Nicosia. After that, you can walk by foot or go by taxi. because you have no other choice for that hour. But when you cross the border bus services start in the morning. I do not know how you can go to nicosia to paphos.
Local September 4, 2017
Hi i have no idea how you can go from Ercan to the greek side. I guess a taxi would do the job. There's a bus from kapnos leaving nicosia towards paphos airport at 03.45 in the morning. You will need a taxi to go down town Paphos. Where about in paphos you are staying?
Local September 4, 2017