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What to do in Norway?

By Traveller June 12, 2018

What to do in Norway?

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By Christine Traveller June 12, 2018

Hi! We will be in Norway for 1 week. Do you have any must-dos and favorite spots to eat? We also love hiking! Are there hiking spots or country sides we can get to by public transportation?

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Hi. I hope you will enjoy your stay in Oslo. If you see the travel guides then you will see places like vigeland park and opera. All these are nice place to visit but I will recommend some places that can be around and worthy. Around vigeland park it’s an area called majorstuen and frogner very nice for a city walk with nice cafe and restaurants around. in the same category it’s grüneløkka area. Around opera are some souna concepts the most popular it’s called salt there you can drink your beer doing sauna and watching outside the opera area. Close to Oslo are some islands that you can visit one of them it’s bygdøy, worth to visit all the museums there.. also a small cruise on the also fjord from Oslo to drøbak. Very nice small town. A walk along the river that’s called akerselva also. It starts from teknisk museum and it ends in the city centrum. You take the tram to kjelsås and you are there. There is a hiking trail that starts from the frognerseter metro station. There is also a nice restaurant there. You follow the signs to ullevållseter you take a break in the cafe and continue towards songsvann, in some areas you can follow trails in the forest. There in songsvann you take the metro to the city centrum. I can suggest some more places tomorrow but you can check these first and tell me you think and feel free to ask😊
Local June 13, 2018
This is extremely helpful!! I will look at all these options, thank you ☺️