fishing around Oslo (maybe slamon?) - rules for 15 yrs old fisherman?

By Traveller June 23, 2018

fishing around Oslo (maybe slamon?) - rules for 15 yrs old fisherman?

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By Lana Traveller June 23, 2018

Hello, dear friends
We will be traveling to Oslo mid-July. My 15 yrs old is a big fisherman and will be bringing his fishing equipment with him. Are there any good places for fishing in/around Oslo (reachable by public transportation?).. Also, he was hoping to do some salmon fishing but we read that there are many rules and permits required for Salmon fishing and we were not sure there are places for it reachable from Oslo in public transportation. Anyone can help with that - what permit would he require (only 15 yrs will be fishing), and where to get them and any good places to fish? (except Oslo fjord)?... thanks a lot!!!

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Hi Lana, I'm not a fisherman, but I did some research. The easiest way might be fishing in the heart of Oslo, in the river Akerselva. Last year the season for sale of fishing permission started on June 30th. You can get permission for 24 hours and the price for kids under 18 is around 50 NOK. It can be bought on this website: Here you will also find a map of the area where salmon fishing is allowed. Best regards, Evelyn
Local June 23, 2018
Evelyn, thank you so much! That one permit is enough? We were confused when try to do research (but limited onky to engkish sites/translations) that there are few types of permits required. Like city, then area/lake specific and then specific for salmon. If it just one - thats much easier :) thank you so much!!
It looks like as if there is another fee (statlige fiskeravgift), but children under 18 years are exempted :)
thank you, Evelyn, so much!!! it helps a lot!