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Oslo hidden gems/off the beating track

By Traveller October 6, 2018

Oslo hidden gems/off the beating track

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By Anna Traveller October 6, 2018

Hello locals of Oslo,

I'm arriving next week Thursday arround midday. Have already looked up a few things to do in Oslo. Like renting a bike and heading down the waterfront from Sørenga all the way to Bygdøy peninsula. Riding along Akerselva river to ride through Grünerlokka/Vulkan (Mathallen/visit: Darmstredet/try:polse in lope at Syverkiosken).
Try Thai Friday at Vippa. Saturdays: Checking out Ekkebergparken, Vigalandparken and the flea/farmers markets in morning there.
Visit the fish market at City hall to grab a bite ...

The Kok Sauna boat would be truly an experience, but I can not afford in a party of 2 people max ;))
(I do know about "Salt Dj-Sauna" but unfortunately there is no sauna event taking place on the dates whilst I'm there)

Is there any "insider tipp" what I shouldn´t miss in Oslo??
What ever it is: best dish in a stall or best coffe or best bar or cool place to visit/see etc. or an intresting event??

Really anything..

(..like an idea to get a random group of people together for a Kok-Sauna Boat ride on Sunday?? ;))

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While riding along Akerselva, take a pit stop somewhere (anywhere) at Grünerløkka. I don’t know if it’s farmers market while you’re there, but there’s plenty of bars, small shops and parks. If you’re into wine: try Territoriet at the south end of Markveien. It’s expensive, but staff is talented and serve all kinds of wine by the glass.
Local October 6, 2018
thx :)
Hi! My fav in Mathallen is Asian Atalier a vietnamese small dish restaurant. Try their prawn shrimp with tamarind deer meat. You got my tip on Tim Wendelboe- that is the best coffee in town but other honerable mentions are Fuglen and Mocca. I think you will find Oslo pretty cold this time of year - biking around a whole day commands enough clothing. :) Olympen or «Lompa» is a nice place to eat and have a few beers. Norwegian food, built like a german pub with big paintings of how Oslo was before. And probably the largest inventory of beer in Oslo. The best seafood is at Tjuvholmen Sjømagasin - but it’s expensive.
Local October 6, 2018
great thanks :)
Would you then recommend doing Bogdoy peninsula at all with bike if weather is too cold ?? Is it "worth" seeing or riding through it?? or rather stick to downtown riding?? Better to cover Bogdoy peninsula with ferry boat on sunday to cover then the museums there??
Do the ferry boats commute throughout the entire week in October??