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Nightlife in oslo and shisha

By Traveller October 11, 2018

Nightlife in oslo and shisha

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By Raymond Traveller October 11, 2018

Hello, my friend and I are visiting oslo for a long weekend end of October. We are wondering if there are any night clubs that play hip hop, rnb and other chart type songs? Something a bit more diverse I suppose. Also if there are any shisha lounges around oslo for a smoke?

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Hello Raymond, Oslo don’t have so much clubs compare to other countries. Haha! Hip hop? Hmm! They hve one before at Grunneloka but sad to say they are closed long time ago. Well try Memphis they play hip hop and rnb most of the time. Usually in Oslo they always play techno house, hippy music. Haha! And about shisha I don’t think so if they have it is Oslo. They are so strict about smoking inside cafe,resto or public places. But still just google it! Enjoy Oslo don’t forget to bring the right jacket😜
Local October 11, 2018