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Trondheim to Bodu by rail.

By Traveller December 27, 2018

Trondheim to Bodu by rail.

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By Paul Traveller December 27, 2018

I'm travelling on interail. Please can anyone recommend any stop over places for a couple of days in the summer, between these two cities? Some good hiking , food , you know what I mean. Heading up to narvik then on to Sweden. Love Norway.

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Hi Paul,
Someone else will have to answer for the food part.

You'll be passing at least three national parks on your way: Børgefjell, Lomsdal-Visten and Saltfjellet-Svartisen. That will make for some good hiking. Check out The English version is partly in Norwegian, so you might need an app for translating that part.

NSB stops at Majavatn, which is great for fishing, if you're into that. Remember to buy a license (can be done locally).

This page is in Norwegian only, but it has a long list of hiking maps for your area: Updated hiking maps for all of Norway (Sweden has a similar option) can also be downloaded for free from

This wasn't part of your question, but when you go north from Bodø to Narvik, you pass a beautiful mountain called Stetinden. If you're into climbing, that will most definitely give you some good memories. You'll need climbing equipment (and maybe a guide).

Hope this was helpful!

Kind regards,
Local December 27, 2018