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Birthday Night in Oslo

By Traveller December 12, 2019

Birthday Night in Oslo

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By Madison Traveller December 12, 2019

I'm spending my birthday in Oslo on a Thursday in March with one of my friends, and we are wondering what some of the fun things we can do around town are. Staying in the Grünerløkka area, but we are happy to travel anywhere relatively close if it's worth it. Thanks for the advice!

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Mathallen (Food trucks etc) are nearby Grunerløkka is something I recommend. Here there are foodtrucks, bars, restaurants etc you can enjoy. I also recommend downtown with the cityhall og Kings castle (15-20 min walk from Mathallen). There are publictransportation nearby like buses, subway, and tram.

Also download "Ruterbillett" for tickets purchase to use public transportation. Also download "Rutereise" witch shows you time and where buses etc goes.
Local December 13, 2019
If you’re looking for activities there’s; bowling, go kart, mini golf and laser tag in the city center (go kart a bit further from the center but till relatively close). At the laser tag place you can also go on a scavenger hunt all over Oslo if that’s of interest! Then ofc clubbing/bars with games which are fun like røør that have shuffle boards or tilt that have a lot of games! :)
Local December 12, 2019