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One month in Norway

By Traveller August 23, 2017

One month in Norway

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By Nino Traveller August 23, 2017

Hello Oslo people !!!
My friend is interested in jobs in fishing industry in Norway, any tips, links or advises are highly appreciated. Where is better to stay, what will be the average expenses for one month stay, etc. Thanks a lot !!!!

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The fish industry in Norway is located in the west and north part of the country. Here is a list og the twenty largest companies
The best place to stay i dont know. I think the price for staying 1 month will be around 5.000 NOK, but you can look at airbnb.
Hans Petter
Local August 23, 2017
5000 for one month in Oslo (since the question was about Oslo) sounds VERY optimistic. You can expect to pay at least 10.000, but usually more for short time stays like this.
But going to the west coast or northern Norway is a must for getting a job in the fishing industry, and there you might be able to find cheaper accomodation. Airbnb in Norway is generally expensive.
Mia Local August 23, 2017
Thanks a lot !!!
Thanks Mia !