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Short visit to Oslo

By Traveller August 28, 2017

Short visit to Oslo

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By Edd Traveller August 28, 2017


I am in Oslo from just 2/9 to 5/9 is anyone around that would be happy to meet me and show me some of the sights or places just to go for drinks?

Ive been told The Villa is a must do club as is Schouskjelleren, Elias Mat & Sant is a place to eat at and I am keen to see the main touristy parts of Oslo.

But I'd really love to meet some locals and really understand the city not as a tourist. A big ask for such a short layover!

Thanks for reading this, Edd

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Hi Edd. Unfortunately I do not have time to meet with you, but if you are into clubbing, then Lille Elefant is the new place in town.
Open on weekdays as well :) The Villa is still good, but not as before.
Local August 28, 2017
Hi Edd

Oslo is great for foodies, but I would look to the east side a bit. Statholdergaarden is fantastic, but pricy (has a Michelin star). Elias is good, but so are other places. A lot depends on your budget.
If you're into fun hipster stuff, try out Vippa. It's an old storage building by the waterfront. Lots of small street food style booths. Check out the area Grønland and Grünerløkka, the street Torggata. What kind of food do you like? Vietnamese, Ethiopian, new Nordic, traditional Norwegian, Mexican, burgers, sushi? Something else? I don't do clubs, so no tips there, but I know plenty great pubs and bars like Torggata botaniske, Aku Aku, Siste sang, Crowbar. Really depends on what kind of drinks you like. Beer, microbrew, cocktails?
Local August 28, 2017

Thanks for the response. I like pretty much any food but really want to try some authentic Norwegian food.
As to drinks, I am a spirits person mostly so cocktails feature a lot. But enjoy good beer also.

Many thanks, Edd
For cocktails you definitely must go to Torggata botaniske!
Anne Local August 28, 2017