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How long should you stay in Oslo?

By Traveller September 25, 2017

How long should you stay in Oslo?

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By Jolien Traveller September 25, 2017

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If you are on a schedule, one weekend would be enough to cover Oslo.
If you are interested in museums and want to go some fjord sightseeing, then I'd say 3-4 days.
It is a small city as compared to other tourist cities in Europe.
Public transport is pretty good and you won't be confused getting to know which bus/trams/metro to have to take to see the place of your interest.

Few things are -
Visit Vigeland Sculpture Park. A great location to enjoy with more than 200 sculptures and a nice park surrounding in and near it.
Visit Akershus Fortress, a Castle and a Fortress. followed by enjoying the evening near Aker Brygge.
Go to songsvann lake, visit Bygdøy and many museum near Bygdøy.
(Viking Ship Museum, Fram museum, The Kon-Tiki Museum - In fact a movie Kon-Tiki in year 2012 was made about 1947 Kon-Tiki expedition).

Visit Oslo harbour area for a great view, and see Opera house, amazing from outside and even good from inside, although I've never been inside the building :)
From the back of City hall, several ferry operators organise fjord sightseeing tour mostly 2-3 hours that you will enjoy.

Hope the information helps you. Have a great trip.
Local September 26, 2017
Local January 27, 2018
One weekend would be enough
Local September 25, 2017
Oslo is a small town compared other capitals. One weekend is enough to see the city centre of Oslo. It depends on what you want to see and do, I would recommend a long weekend at least!
Local September 25, 2017
Hi Jolien,

In three/four days you would be able to cover most of the sights.

Best regards,
Local September 25, 2017