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Good place to find traditional Norwegian baked goods in Oslo?

By Traveller March 9, 2018

Good place to find traditional Norwegian baked goods in Oslo?

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By Luke Traveller March 9, 2018

Is there a good place in Oslo to find traditional Norwegian baked goods? How about things like lefse and rømmegrøt?

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There a lot of great bakery chains in Oslo: W.B. Samson, United Bakeries and Baker Hansen. The coffee chain Espresso House has also got a lot of the basic Norwegian baked goods.

However, if you are looking for something a bit more special - with a really nice atmosphere in my opinion - two of my favourite places are: The one is Åpent Bakeri in Damplassen 24-25, 0852 Oslo for good quality Norwegian (and other) baked goods. It varies a bit what they have in stock, but please ask the nice staff for recommendations.

The other one is Kafe Seterstua (inside Restaurant Forgnerseteren) which is located at Holmenkollveien 200, NO-0791 Oslo with stunning view over Oslo city and fjords. They have rømmegrøt, waffles (Norwegian style, which is probably the closest you get to a national dish. They eat it with rømme (sourcream) and jam or with brunost (a brown, caramel flavoured cheese that they really love!) and the best hot chocolate you could wish for - plus their famous apple cake that is very particular for this place. The other baked goods are not the best of quality of you ask me though. Prices are a bit high, but I find it very much worth the good experience!

Other Norwegian baked goods you must try are: Skolebrød, blåbærpai (blueberry pie - basically everything with berries is very typical Norwegian, especially cloudberries), boller (classic sweet wheat roll with cardamom), kanelboller (cinnamon rolls: In my opinion best with cream cheese frosting).
Local March 9, 2018
Wow this is amazing thank you!
Hi I’ll be in Oslo tonight and tomorrow and really want to check out Kafe Seterstua like you suggested. What is the best way to get there - tram? And how long would it take from Gamle area?
Hi Luke! The best places for traditional Norwegian food like you mention is at Frognerseteren near Holmenkollen (a bit outside Oslo, you just take the Metro to Frognerseteren), and then you have Kaffistova in down town Oslo, :)
Local March 11, 2018
Frognerseteren and Kaffistova are good places to go for tradional Norwegian food, and at Folkemuseet (the folk museum at Bygdøy), they make a really good lefse, in a fireplace like in the olden days :)
Local March 10, 2018
Cool thanks for the lefse tip!
My pleasure! The making of lefse for visitors to sees is only on the weekends, it sais on the web page.
For baked goods, you can try any of the local bakeries, like Samson or Baker Hansen (both have multiple outlets around the city). Kaffebrenneriet (local coffee chain) also does excellent coffee and baked goods.

Rømmegrøt is a bit more tricky in the city, but Frognerseteren (on the outskirts) does it, and is worth a trip on the metro anyway.
You can also try Kaffistova, which serves very traditional everyday meals (like your grandmother used to make). I’m not sure if they always have rømmegrøt on their menu, though.

You can find small packets of Vestlandslefsa at most supermarkets.
Local March 9, 2018
Thanks for the details!
If you take the tram up to Holmenkollen ( skijump ) there is a place called frognerseteren! there they have lots of traditional stuff like that!
Local March 9, 2018
Thank you!