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Nature trails in Oslo

By Traveller March 25, 2018

Nature trails in Oslo

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By Rachel Traveller March 25, 2018

Hello guys,
I wonder what are the best nature trails that are close to Olso which are also easy to get to by public transportation besides Sognsvann?
Are the waterfalls far from Oslo? Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

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Plenty of hikes around Oslo but now hatd/ impossible because of the snow. Cross country skiing is a must, unøess you just want to walk up and down a dirtroad. If so, Midtstuen to Tryvann is easy. Take the tram to Midstuen and walk the road up into the forest as far as you get, approx 2 h and there is a servingplace there. Midtstuen is where the sledgetour arrive from Frognerseteren, same tram.

Waterfalls are on westvoast, so far from Oslo.
Local March 25, 2018
Welcome to Norway! Use this link to find several places around Oslo.

Use Google Translate at the top right. Maridalen is a good alternative to Sognsvann for hikes.

Also (Norwegian Trekking Association) has guided tours and information. In fact there is a guided tour today at 11:30.

DNT also has cabins you basicly rent for free if you want to go for long hikes, from cabin to cabin, winter and summer.

I don't know of big waterfalls around Oslo. Wandering along Akerselva you will see nice small waterfalls within the city. The river is 10km and takes you up to Maridalen.

Local March 25, 2018
Thank you for your recommendations :)