Book A Local Guidelines

Book A Local Guidelines

How it works

When a traveller uses the Book A Local feature to find a local host, their request is sent to all bookable locals in their chosen city, not just you.

Locals have 24 hours to accept the request. If the request suits you (including the date, time, and fee), you can accept it. Please note that accepting a request does not mean that you have been selected.

The traveller then has 72 hours to select a local host. During this time, they can ask you further questions.

You will be informed if you have been selected, or if the traveller has selected another local. If you need to change the price of your offer, or if you need more time to customise a tour for a traveller, please contact our customer support for assistance.


All communication with travellers must happen on the Like A Local platform. You are not permitted to share your personal contact details (Facebook, email, phone number, etc.) before you have been selected as a host and the booking has been confirmed.

Failure to adhere to our policies may result in the closure of your Like A Local account.

When you are selected

When a traveller selects you to be their local host, please add the agreed date and time to your calendar.

Note that by accepting a request, you are entering into an agreement: we expect you to meet the traveller on the agreed date, at the agreed time, and at the agreed meeting point.

In the case of an emergency, please contact our customer support at


We make payments once a month. We will wire your payment to you at the beginning of the month following the month when the tour/s took place, after sending you a summary of your bookings from the previous month by email.

Increase your chances of being selected

To increase your chances of being selected, make sure that your personal profile is complete, up to date, and includes a photo. We also advise you to write thoughtful and personalised responses to travellers’ requests and questions.