Why can’t I upload a tour to my city?

Like A Local is mostly about connecting travellers with locals, so each city requires a sufficient number of awesome local recommendations before tours can be accepted. Furthermore, if your city has no content, the possibility of someone finding your tour is non-existent.

The minimum number of tips for each city is 30. You can join as a local contributor under your own name, or invite others to join.

Why hasn’t my tour been approved? How long will it take?

We try to only list tours that we believe will sell and make a great addition to other experiences listed on Like A Local.

We are a small team, so it can take some time to look through new tour listings and check the backgrounds of new tour providers. If you’d like to speed up the process, please send us a link to your customer feedback on another platform.

How will I be paid?

We’ll wire your payment to you at the beginning of the month following the month when the tour took place. We don’t have an automated payment system, so we only make payments once a month.

You can add your payment info under ‘My profile’.

If you’re located in an EU country, we’ll wire the money directly to your bank account. For countries outside the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area), our preferred method of payment is PayPal. 

How much is your commission?

Our standard commission is 20%. We don’t just provide a website where you can list your tours, but a full service including:
- A payment system where the customer pays upfront for their tour, so you don’t get any unpaid bookings from us.
- Marketing support in the form of a native English-speaking copywriter who will edit your tour listing/s to make it/them more attractive to customers.

A lower commission can be negotiated in the case of high turnover.

How does the booking process work?

When a customer sends you a booking request, you have 72 hours to accept it. No booking will be confirmed without your consent, unless you’ve set ‘Automatic confirmation’ to your tour.

The customer will be notified when you accept their booking. If they haven’t paid for it yet, you can set a deadline for payment (e.g. 48 hours before the tour is scheduled to begin). The default payment deadline is 2 hours. If the customer doesn’t make a payment by your chosen deadline, their booking will be automatically declined.

If you can’t do the tour, you either decline the booking request or offer alternative times/dates. In this instance the booking is finalised only after the customer has agreed to a new time/date.
To offer alternative dates, you must first click ‘Decline’, then select your preferred times/dates and then click ‘Send new offer’.

Contact details are sent to you and the customer after the booking has been finalised.

If a booking is made with less than 72 hours’ notice, you must respond at least 2 hours before the tour is scheduled to begin, otherwise the booking will be automatically declined and, if they’ve already paid, the customer will be refunded.
Any unpaid bookings will be automatically declined 2 hours before the tour is scheduled to begin, unless you’ve set a different payment deadline.

Can I accept cash payment?

All bookings made on Like A Local must also be fully paid for through Like A Local. According to our Booking Terms, it’s prohibited to offer the customer an alternate booking method, direct them to your personal website or ask for cash payment. 

How do I cancel a booking?

Like A Local holds the customer’s payment until the tour has successfully taken place, so all cancellations must be done through our customer support. You or the customer can find our customer support contact details here. 

Before you allow the customer to cancel, please take a look at our Cancellation Policy.

If you think it's fair to give the customer a refund after the tour date has passed, we will do so based on your request. Please don’t refund the customer yourself.

What if the booking is unpaid?

If you receive an unpaid booking request, you can set a deadline for payment when you accept the booking.  If the customer fails to make a payment within your chosen timeframe, the booking will be automatically cancelled and both parties will be notified by email. 

How can my guests leave a review for my tour?

After the tour has taken place, the customer will receive an automated email from Like A Local asking them to rate and review your tour. If they say they haven’t received it, you can suggest that they check their junk email folder. 

How do I set a minimum group size?

Right now it’s not possible to set a minimum group size in our system, however you can either:
- State your minimum group size in the ‘Full description’ and decline all 1-person bookings, or
- Set a higher price for smaller groups. For instance, if you want to set the minimum group size to 2, you need to insert the price for 2 people in both ‘From 1 to 1 person’ and ‘From 2 people to 2 people’. This way you’ll be paid the same amount whether 1 or 2 people book the tour.

What’s the difference between scheduled and private tours?

Scheduled tours are group tours that anyone can join. For scheduled tours, people from different bookings are grouped together. Running a scheduled tour requires that you risk sometimes having just 1 or 2 people in a group. According to our Booking Terms, you cannot cancel a tour based on not having enough participants. 

Private tours are run exclusively for the person or group that booked the tour. For private tours we recommend leaving the ‘Starting time’ field empty so that the customer can choose a suitable time.

How do I set the price per group?

Our system requires you to insert the price per person, not per group, but you can still set a price per group. Simply divide the group price by the number of people in each group size and insert the prices separately. For example, if the group price is €60, then the price per person is €60 for a single person, €30 for a 2-person group, €20 for a 3-person group, etc.

Why has the wording of my tour changed?

We provide our partners with marketing support by optimising tour listings to increase sales. Our native English-speaking copywriter edits tour listings to make them more attractive to customers and rank better on Google. All changes are made based on professional knowledge and experience.

We kindly ask you not to change edited texts – tour names, short summaries, full descriptions and highlights – unless something is missing or has been misinterpreted. Repeatedly changing texts damages your Google ranking and makes it much more difficult for potential customers to find your tours.

My tour listing has been edited, but there's something wrong. What should I do?

Occasionally our copywriter misinterprets something when editing tour listings. If you spot a mistake, we kindly ask you not to change the text, but to let us know at support@likealocalguide.com.