Provide a Service

Provide a Service

We work with outstanding individuals and businesses around the world offering authentic local experiences in their cities. Want to find out if you qualify? Check if you or your business falls under one of the following categories:

1) Tours & Day Trips

Forget about traditional excursions! We promote a curated selection of tours and day trips that enhance the local experience of a city and stand out from typical sightseeing options.

2) Local Activities

What’s something every visitor should experience in your city or country? In Estonia, it’s kicking back in a steamy sauna. And not at some fancy spa facility, but at an authentic home sauna with beer, followed by jumping around in the snow. 

You can also list activities you love for travellers to join, such as yoga workshops, mountain hikes, film evenings… The options are endless!

3) Home Chefs

Are you a great host or hostess? Can you make and serve awesome meals? Join us to get bookings for your dinner parties or teach travellers how to make local specialities.

Think you're a good match for Like A Local?

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Please note, that restaurants, bars and other local businesses do not qualify to sign up for our booking platform. If you'd like one of our local editors to review your place look here.

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