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Looking for local gastronomy

By Traveller July 6, 2019
Palma de Mallorca

Looking for local gastronomy

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By Kinga Traveller July 6, 2019

Husband and I would like to discover some local restaurants which is less know to tourists! Could You give us tips where can we find the locals favorite places?
(We will arrive to Mallorca in the midle of July.)

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Hi Kinga,

Thanks to Tripadvisor and Co. you will find Tourists everywhere in Palma. Now there are no secrets anymore:-) But I can tell you my favorit spots. Real Mallorquin Cuidine you find a little bit outside in Genova „Can Pedro“. My favrit spot in oldtown Palma is „Quintacreu“ known for it’s fusion tapas.
Traveller July 6, 2019
Hi Daniela, Thank you to shareing your favorite places! Im definitely going to check these out!!
I'm from Budapest and here all of the tourist attractions are on Tripadvisor but for example you can not find the best pizzeria on that neither on the internet !! So when i find this website i just couldnt hold my interest in myself.
Kinga, visit a bar at Llubi or Sa Pobla and order a Pa amb oli (open sandwich with black bread) or "variat" (mallorcan tapas). This kinds of bars are the real local restaurants and they are not on Internet and there are not a lot of "friends" guides on likealocalguide.com recommending there, so I can not earn comissions refering them.... I dont use reply questions here because I think every tourist who wants good recommendations must pay a guide. If you look for "free" informations usually you will get low quality information, under commercial interests. You are lucky with my recommendation. Forget internet.... visit bars where local people and specially old people are having dinner or lunch....ask people from Llubi or Sa Pobla. Good luck,
Hi there. There are two important influences in Mallorca: Spanish (Castilian-Andalusian) as Tapas and the Mediterranean. It depends which one are you looking for
Local July 6, 2019
Hi Lluís! We are in love with both spanish and mediterranean food! Maybe just the snails would not for me.
Hi kinga, in wich parte of Mallorca do you go? Are you talking about locals in Palma? Or do you want to discover other córners of Mallorca? What tipe of restaurant do you prefer? Sea food, tapas, Mallorca cuisine? With live music ? I would like to help you
Local July 6, 2019
Hi Damaris!
We booked an accommodation in Llubí and also rent a car so i hope that we can travel all around on the island!
We are mostly interested in local cuisine and we love seafood.
I'm gluten intolerant and also allergic to milk (I know.. all the good stuff).
Live music is sound great but we also love cozy places even more. We are still university students from hungary so we are looking for budget friendly options too.
Thanks for helping us out!
Palma old town is expensive. Try pa amb oli in Llubi or go to Sa Pobla