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A good and not too expensive Italian restaurant ?

By Traveller May 24, 2018

A good and not too expensive Italian restaurant ?

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By Coralie Traveller May 24, 2018

Hello :)
My fiancé (well by then he'll be my husband ^^) and I are spending a quick day in Paris on June 2nd. I have already been several times to Paris, but I still don't know that many places, especially to grab a bite. Can anyone advice me a very good Italian restaurant or shack for when you're on a budget ? One of my friends advised me Il Forno di Napoli but the prices are apparently typical of Paris and we'd really like not to spend to much during this trip. We'll be a bit more extravagant next time :) Thank's in advance for your advices, Cora :)
PS: Je parle aussi français donc si c'est chaud pour certains de me répondre en anglais, pas de problème :)

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try this :
I'm afraid you won't find cheaper unless you go for a slice of fast food pizza... I see the 2nd of june is a saturday, otherwise I would have recommend to go for a lunch instead of for diner, cause restaurants have special lunch menus, but this is normally on week days only...
Local May 24, 2018
probably will be a list for another day, but here are the best Italian places in Paris: https://www.thrillist.com/eat/paris/the-9-best-italian-restaurants-in-paris . Links to best cheap eats are here: https://www.hostelworld.com/blog/cheap-eats-paris/ Good luck! Gretchen
Local May 30, 2018