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Breakfast (with good coffee) ?

By Traveller May 24, 2018

Breakfast (with good coffee) ?

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By Coralie Traveller May 24, 2018

Hello :)
I am looking for a place to have a nice breakfast, with good coffee (my boyfriend's Italian :p) and also that is not too expensive. It can be very basic, I am not looking for something fancy so it does not have to be organic/trendy/original. We just want to start the day right.
Thanks in advance you guys, Cora :)

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The issue is to find good bread and croissants and coffee!!! For amazing croissants go to Sebastian Gaudard, 1 rue des Pyramides. He does Salon de The which means you can have your coffe and other pastries sat in a nice place. For coffee only, there is a place at the beginning of the tairs of the Sacre Coeur where coffee is good but the spot makes coffee amazing, lol! Enjoy Paris
Local May 24, 2018
This links should help. I have a favorite near Jardin du Luxembourg but unfortunately forget the name.
Local May 30, 2018
Depends where you are but really there are lots of places just local watch - behind Repulique, Belleville district , you are spoilt for choice ..
Local May 26, 2018