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Best way to eiffle tower

By Traveller June 14, 2018

Best way to eiffle tower

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By joseph Traveller June 14, 2018

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Hi Joseph;

The tickets are usually sold out a few weeks in advance.

You can get there and queue for a ticket. But it's very long during the day.
The best is to go at night (it closes at midnight): less people and Paris is gorgeous.

Otherwise, you can climb the staircase up to the second level. The queue moves much more faster than the elevators one. 740 steps but you can have a rest at the first floor (360 steps), where there is a small part of glass floor.

There are numerous amazing anecdotes linked to the tower, that's why a guided tour can be a good idea (I give tours there for several companies, if you want more information feel free to contact me).

Have a lovely time in Paris.

Where are you coming from ? You can take the RER (express subway) to Champs de Mars or the métro to Bir Hakeim (line 6). There are buses also, such as the no. 42, 69 or 87, but it all depends where you start from.
Local June 14, 2018