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Rooftop restaurants

By Traveller July 22, 2018

Rooftop restaurants

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By Kathy Traveller July 22, 2018

Hi there! A group of 8 of us will be in Paris the weekend of August 11-12. We were hoping to go to a rooftop restaurant that was fairly reasonably priced but had a really good view. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. 😁

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most restaurants with a view in Paris are very expensive and you need reservations well in advance, but maybe some of the following links will get you the place you are looking for:

a few names as well: Le Perchoir and Le Perchoir du Marais, Noura (Lebanese), 43 Up On The Roof (mostly a bar, but with food), Kong, Restaurant Café George, Brasserie Barbès, Hotel Raphael, La Maison Blanche, L’Oiseau Blanc, Terass” Hotel,
Local July 24, 2018
Thank you for the tips. I did find the handluggageonly site. But I haven't tried fork.
Do you have any suggestions for any reasonably priced restaurants with an outdoor patio?
I really appreciate the assistance. 😁
Have a great day!
I don't remember eating in any of these restaurants, but they all have outdoor seating:
La Frégate. The pavement terrace of La Frégate is a great spot to soak up some of historical Paris. ...
La Plage Parisienne. Two bridges downstream from the Eiffel Tower on the banks of the river Seine, La Plage Parisienne is a perfect place to lounge on sultry summer evenings. ...
My Boat. ...
Le Bistro des Dames. ...
I live in 4 different countries each year for 8 months of the year and lived in paris 1 year a long time ago, then 6 weeks at a time another couple of times + worked many years for Yves Saint Laurent, but Paris, as most cities, is contantly changing, sheding the old restaurants, and creating new ones! Have fun! Gretchen
Fantastic, thanks again! I hope you have a peaceful day!
Thanks! I am enjoying Portugal. They have lots of good food, wine, people etc. here too!