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Public Transportation - CDG to Trocadero

By Traveller September 14, 2018

Public Transportation - CDG to Trocadero

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By Joshua Traveller September 14, 2018

Hey everyone. Headed next month to Paris for a couple weeks. One silly question that I can't seem to find online. If we take the RER Line B from CDG into the city can we transfer to the Metro line which will take us to our apartment near Trocadero with the same ticket? Thanks!

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Local September 14, 2018
Download citymapper;) and yes obviously you can change from rer to metro (and it’s the same ticket, price app 10€ from CDG
Local September 14, 2018
Thanks everyone! So glad I came across this website!
Traveller September 14, 2018
Yes, you can use the same ticket until the end of your journey. You can change RER B at St. Michel and take the metro 4 until Montparnasse Bienvenue and there you will get Metro 6 directly to Trocadero.
I recommend you to take Bus instead of RER to Opera and from opera you buy a metro ticket for Metro 9 and go directly to Trocadero for saving lots of time.
Enjoy Paris
Cuneyt Ayral
Local September 14, 2018
Good day,

RER to Denfer-Rochereau (RER B)

Then change to Metro line 6 (look for the small, very small signs of a 6 in a green circle). Then direct to Trocadéro.

Be sure to keep your ticket, you’ll need it to transfer from RER to metro. It’s necessary every time you get out of the RER (but not when you get out of the metro, even though you have to keep it for possible controls).

I suggest you use the RATP application if possible (but you’ll need a continuous data coverage, no offline option).

Best regards.
Local September 14, 2018
Just a few other infos :

1) buying a Navigo Pass (NAVIGO DÉCOUVERTE) is 7€ for the pass plus recharging it. Look for the Zone 1 to Zone 5 offer (all zones) and your ticket from & to CGD will be included. Otherwise it’s about 10€ each for the airport trip.

Tickets for all transportation are 15€ for 10 tickets with very limited connections.

2) inrecommend metro line 6 because it’s a very pretty line (aerial part above the Seine with nice view on the Eiffel Tower). It’s about 10 minutes more but much prettier than other options.

Also, when connecting between RER and Metro, try to avoid very large stations like Châtelet or Montparnasse... you’ll have to walk a lot between connections in these places. Much smaller stations, like Denfer-Rochereau don’t have this inconvenience.


stephane Local September 14, 2018
Hi Joshua !
Sure you can take the metro line 1 at Châtelet.
For all your transportation you can use the website or the app Citymapper.
By the way if you are a few people it could be to take a cab - the price are defined in advance and capped.
Hope you will enjoy your trip !
Local September 14, 2018
Merci Jerome. It's just the wife and I coming out on this trip. It's been almost 19 years since I was last there when I was 18 years old and she's never been. Super excited...just surprised her with the trip last week for our 10 year wedding anniversary.
Joshua Traveller September 14, 2018
Lucky man! Congrats ! I just checked The price for the cab would be 55 euros from the airport - it could be easier - the RER b is often crowded.