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Hey Guys! Help me with info please

By Traveller September 14, 2018

Hey Guys! Help me with info please

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By Mariam Traveller September 14, 2018

I'm coming to Paris on 27th of December it's a surprise trip for my Mom, so I have plenty of questions maybe you could help:
1. I have Eiffel, Notre dame, arc de Triumph, Louvre and champ de lysees on my list can you recommend public transportation and how to buy tickets?
2.in which district should I book a hotel to be safe and close for sightseeings?
3. And which boat trip would you recommend?
4. Last one I swear: I have to go to Lile probably with train can you share webpage for tickets? And webpage for bus tickets from/to beauvais airport.
Thanks a lot 💓💓

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6 answers

1/ name of Paris transport is ratp, you will find fees and map here. You should download Citymapper, it has everything plus calculate routes for you. You buy ticket at the station.
2/ everywhere in Paris is safe. Depend only on your budget. Good districts are 1,2,3,4,6,8,9,10,11 for main touristic locations.
3/ idk sorry
4/ Lille. You should take the train at Gare du Nord. French train service is SNCF. You can book tickets online.
Local September 14, 2018
Tickets to Lille

Check mseums to make sure they are open. Some are closed on Monday/others on Tuesday. I would add the Orsay to your list

Places to stay:
The Marais
5th, 6th and 7th arrondisement

Paris boat tour

Taxis are easy.
G7: 0141276699 (english speaking number)

Uber is easy and the Metro is very easy

Hope this helps!
Local September 14, 2018
Thank you so much!! This was more than I could ask for! Thanks for lovely tips and recommendations 💓💓💓 such a great people 😊😊
Traveller September 14, 2018
Hi dear,
1) You can use Metro & Bus buying tickets is very easy at the machines at the metro stations
2) St Germain, St Michel Paris 6 and 7 are safe and easy to reach the places you will visit where you can also walk to the places.
3) Any boat trip at Eiffel Tower's side are good
4) For Lille you MUST take a TGV, the address is: https://www.oui.sncf/billet-train
you can choose yr language at the top right

If you like to have tour with a local, just go to ToursByLocals.com site and choose Cuneyt A. as guide, look at my tours and book one or ask me any questions you may have like price time etc. I will arrange it for you.
All the best
Local September 14, 2018
I will offer my own perspective:

1. All of these spots are pretty walkable between one another if you enjoy a nice walk along the river. For instance, you could start your day at Notre dame, walk to the Louvre (about 30 mins), then walk to the arc de Triomphe (another 45 mins) via the Champs Elysées, and finally turn left to go towards Eiffel Tower (30 mins). Otherwise, the metro is very easy and typically I would recommend just buying a "carnet" of 10 tickets at the machine (they are at every station) as it is cheaper than individual tickets.
I'd also recommend seeing Sacre Coeur if you have time (just for the view -- I have never been inside)

2. I also like to stay in the 17th (typically via AirBnB); the 8th is also convenient for your locations. Bottom line, though, is that anywhere in central paris (zip code beginning in 750--) is safe, so don't worry too much about whether this being a "bad" street or "good" street. I like the 17th because it is less touristy, though as a tourist you may prefer more touristy locations... in that case, any of the arrondissements from 1-9 would be good (you can tell which arrondissement by the last 2 digits of the post code; e.g. 75003 is the 3rd arrondissement)

3. dont know (never done)

4. I always book train tickets via oui.sncf.com

Beauvais airport is a pain to get to, the only real public transport option I know of is the official shuttle: https://shop.aeroportparisbeauvais.com/en/
Local September 14, 2018
Hi Mariam,
I can’t answer all but will add what I can!
1. Louvre - look into evening hours. I believe Wednesdays and Fridays it is open until 9:45 and lines and crowds are much less. Buy tickets in advance regardless and print them at home.

Eiffel - buy “pass the line” tickets. Make lunch or dinner reservations at 58 Tour Eiffel in the tower and you can skip the crowds and have plenty of time to look around as well as an amazing view for your meal. We went here with my family for dinner December 2016 and the food was great as well!

Don’t be afraid to take a taxi if you have more than one person and a place is “just” too far to walk. If you have 3 or 4 people the taxi rate will only be slightly more than 4 metro tickets and often is well worth the convenience for an extra Euro.

Norte Dame - bring a warm pair of gloves and scarf for queuing up outside. Same for the walk around the Arc. Sorry, no tips there!

2. My favorite is the 6th when I visit. Walk to the Louvre & Notre Dame, easy metro, lots of great cafes and safe for walking with your mom at night or anytime.

3. I have taken the Calife and always recommend it (everyone loves it, esp my parents). Go at night over December and enjoy the holiday lights. Easy access from the 6th.

Have a wonderful time!!!!

Local September 14, 2018